Support Calandra for Congress

Vote Today!!! Tuesday June 28th by 7pm

Time for a new era in the Republican Party and a new era in Washington!

                 “You have a clear choice: a career politician who has held office for over 21 years or a liberty-minded citizen who believes the people should have a voice.”

*Please watch my record setting speech that got me on the ballot at the bottom of this page, thank you!

I’m running for my friends and neighbors, people who feel disenfranchised and disrespected by our political system. They, like me, are tired of living under the suffocating tax code that robs of us of our hard-earned money and funds corrupt Federal agencies and policies that do NOT serve the people.

We are also fed up with the Republican Party running the same candidates with the same message who stand idle while our beautiful state is being taken over by liberals and their disastrous tax and control policies. We need a representative who is an outspoken leader, who won’t settle, who is a team player, and believes it is also her job to help make the Republican Party, the party of us, a party we can all be proud of.

Washington is full of career politicians that refuse to be term-limited, have no respect for the Constitution, and clearly forget the everyday struggles of working Americans. Politicians shouldn’t just show up at election season; they are not celebrities they are citizens. Unfortunately, our current Congressman falls into this category. He will barrage you with expensive campaign material claiming many accomplishments and he will attack me and my supporters but my hope is that you will see through it. There is a reason he has been challenged since he took office. Simply put, being a “conservative vote” is NOT ENOUGH. I am tired of his arrogance, his absence from the district, his poor communication skills, and his refusal to be a leader in DC or for our Party.  We deserve someone who is committed to Colorado in and out of election season.           

This district should be a resounding voice for liberty and this office should have a passionate Republican leader in it who will stand up for our state and our conservative cause at a national level. Our district deserves leaders that will build relationships with anyone and everyone who values liberty, a prosperous economy, and a peaceful civil society. None of us will agree on everything but all of us can agree on the absolute value of human life and that the principles of liberty and just governance found in the Constitution are for all people at all times.

I’m ready for a new courageous era in the Republican Party aren’t you? We can do this. I’m ready to work and earn the trust and respect of voters from every generation. Republicans better wise up, discern the times, and support leaders like me who will do what it takes to take our country back. This race is not about me, it’s about US. Will you stand with me and make history on June 28th? 

Choose Liberty, make history. Thank you for voting for me!  ~Calandra

Calandra Rochelle Vargas is a Colorado native who has been involved in activism and philanthropy for over a decade. Her father was stationed at Ft. Carson, she went to high school at Lewis-Palmer, and has resided near Black Forest for over two decades. Her mother works on multiple military bases as a civilian contractor in consumer goods. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oral RobertsUniversity with a degree in International Relations and earned her Masters in Global Politics with an emphasis on Mid-East studies from Regent University. She has traveled to over a dozen countries and has participated in humanitarian work in countries such as Ghana, Argentina, and China. She has worked in a variety of political campaigns, was a member of the Young Leaders program at Heritage Foundation, and has worked at the Colorado State Capitol as a legislative aide in both the House and Senate. She also works with horses and enjoys growing organic pumpkins. She is often found hiking in the mountains with her dogs Sally, Wub, and Toby, or at a local coffee shop. Calandra wants to serve in Congress through the next Presidency then return home to build a full-scale animal rescue on a working ranch. Please support Calandra!